Test of Abraham (father of believers’) faith

Nuggets from “Faith like Abraham”-series No_2 The test of Abraham’s faith
By Don Theobald.   Scripture reading: Gen 12v1-20

* What is the most precious commodity in all the world?
Faith.  Without faith we’re lost.  It is crucial that faith is tried and tested.  Our faith is not perfect, the impurities must be taken out.  Our faith is mixed with unbelief.

* How was Abraham’s faith tested?
There was famine in the land.  There is scarcity of food, the basic substance needed to keep Abraham alive physically, threatens the plans of God.

* What is the connection between the promises of God and His provision?
In the place of promise, is the test of faith.  The church is the blessed place.  Ah, now we have finally arrived!  Now we know that the biggest trials come for the people believing in the doctrines of grace.  It is now the place of trial.  The path is not smooth.  There is no ideal place or situation.  God’s promises are all we have.  The providence of God is what God is doing.  Abraham’s staying alive is not Abraham’s problem, it is God’s.  The promises of God say, “I will, I will.”  God has made promises which are humanly impossible to keep.  Because the promises are God’s, the problem is God’s.  My issue is, I’m afraid of dying.

* Why does God bring sickness over Pharaoh because of Sarah, Abraham’s wife, and not Abraham?  What does it teach us about God?
We get ourselves into messes.  It is put here for our warning, to avoid the bad things.  The Bible teaches that we’re not saved because we’re good.  There is no human way out of this.  We’re saved by faith, not by works.  It goes from grace to grace to grace.  It is not the works that determines God’s reaction.  The Word of God is the prescription.  Abraham’s sin of lying is caused by the problem of unbelief.  God shows Abraham that He can trust God.  He delivers His people even in their own unbelief, when they get themselves into messes.  We never have anything going for us, except God.

* This story is not primarily about Abraham, but about Jesus Christ.  Why do we say so?
Jesus says that He is related to all these sinners.  At stake is the glory of Jesus Christ.  It is God who comes to a lost people, who bring trouble on themselves, who gets themselves in messes, and He delivers them.  We need God to come in the midst of the church, which will do damage to itself and He will deliver it from itself.  God brings deliverance first, then discipline.  God loves to associate with people who are helpless, who haven’t a clue.

Behind the promises and providence of God, is the power of God.  The gold standard of His power is faith.
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