Test of Abraham (father of believers’) faith

Nuggets from “Faith like Abraham”-series No_2 The test of Abraham’s faith
By Don Theobald.   Scripture reading: Gen 12v1-20

* What is the most precious commodity in all the world?
Faith.  Without faith we’re lost.  It is crucial that faith is tried and tested.  Our faith is not perfect, the impurities must be taken out.  Our faith is mixed with unbelief. Continue reading “Test of Abraham (father of believers’) faith”

Foundations of faith No. 1 – Historical Christian Faith

Historic Christian Faith

Nico van der Walt

Jude 1v3

It’s a very telling and interesting verse this. One has the impression that Judas was planning to write to them about, as the King James Version put it, “our common salvation”, i.e. about the wonders of their salvation, but then he went ahead and said: “I feel now compelled” and he’s basically on a sidetrack and he started talking about the need to contend for the faith, which he said, “once delivered to us.”

It is very interesting if you look at this verse, where he says: “I felt the need …”;  by saying this he means: “What I want to share with you is of the utmost importance”.Secondly, he says: “you will earnestly contend.” The Greek indicates intense effort, e.g. in a wrestling match. It also indicates an ongoing effort, or an ongoing action. What should they content for? For the faith he says. What faith? “The faith once delivered to the saints or transferred to those that God has set apart for Himself. So it’s not just any religion, he defines faith. This is the faith that was delivered. Continue reading “Foundations of faith No. 1 – Historical Christian Faith”

Brakel on Repentance and Faith

An analysis of Brakel’s method  in calling sinners to
repentance and faith

Article by Jonathan Holdt  April 2011


Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the 19th century Baptist preacher said “Soul-winning is the chief business of the Christian minister, indeed, it should be the main pursuit of every true believer.”   [1] In 2 Timothy 4:5 the Apostle Paul exhorts Timothy, to not only preach the Word, but to do the work of an evangelist in order to fulfil his ministry. Evangelism and soul-winning ought to occupy the mind and heart of every minister of the gospel. It is clear from Brakel’s works that he had a great concern for the salvation of the unconverted. Throughout his instruction in Christian doctrine and practice there are numerous sections where he seeks to exhort and persuade sinners to come to Christ for salvation. From this it is evident that Brakel was more than just a theologian. He was a pastor with a heart for the lost. He no doubt preached as he wrote, pleading with and exhorting sinners of their need of Christ. We can learn from Brakel in this today. Continue reading “Brakel on Repentance and Faith”