Other excellent Sermons

1. Sermons by Martin Lloyd Jones (link to www.MLJTrust.org)
The following are links to series on the MLJTrust site where you would find a wealth of sermons and other resources of this very gifted servant of God.
Get yourself also the book “Sermons on the Mount” of MLJ, it is worth it !!

Excellent Series on Spiritual depression
A series of 24 sermons. This series will help any christian struggling with spiritual depression. it is also packed with so much biblical doctrine and truth that it is a wonderful resource for any christian or searching individual. There is also a printed version on the market.

Preaching and Preachers
18 Sermons delivered to students of Westminster Seminary. An excellent resource for pastors and anyone studying or considering if they are called to the ministry. There is allso a printed version available.

His sermons on Romans, Ephesians, John, The Holy Spirit, and Revival are all worth while listening to.

Other wonderful resources:

http://gracegems.org/ – a lot of GEMS here

http://www.godrules.net/library/pink/pink.htm    – Collections of AW Pink

http://www.biblebb.com/    – This site of Tony Capoccia is not to be missed – sermons of Spurgeon, Whitfield, Thomas Watson, JC Ryle, John Owen, John Newton and many more. Read the tracts and writings of JC Ryle (the prince of tract writing) – easy readible English.

http://www.the-highway.com/Sermon_library.html – Sermons of Murray M’Cheyne, John Flavel, Spurgeon, Calvin, Thomas Boston, Thomas Watson etc.