The Work of the Pastor is to Feed the Sheep

work of the pastorHere follows the first chapter of the book “The Work of the Pastor” written by William Still. This chapter is also freely available on the Internet as an advertisement to buy the book. Well it is worth buying the book for the rest of the chapters (just google it). I ordered my copies through Christian Book Discounters in Rosebank Johannesburg (Christian Book Discounters)

Chapter One – Feed My Sheep

The Pastor
Before we look at the work of the pastor we must look at the pastor himself. The pastor by definition is a shepherd, the under-shepherd of the flock of God. His primary task is to feed the flock by leading them to green pastures. He also has to care for them when they are sick or hurt, and seek them when they go astray. The importance of the pastor depends on the value of the sheep.
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Introduction to The work of the pastor

Sinclair Ferguson once said “Every Pastor should read this book at least once a year” If you wonder why, then read what Thabiti Anyabwile have to say about his experience below. In this post I will post the introduction to this book written by William Still, and in the next post, the First chapter of the book which is also freely available on the Internet as an advertisement to buy the book.  After that then go ahead and order the book from Focus publishers.

This is what Thabiti Anyabwile said:

On the plane ride to the New Life Bible Conference, I began reading William Still’s The Work of the Pastor.  I’ve had the book for a few years, but had yet to pick it up.  In recent conversations with some pastor friends, I was strongly encouraged to take up and read.  And boy am I glad I did!

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Gay Marriage – what is it all about?

Insights on this issue

excerpt from a blogpost of David Murray

“Gay marriage is not primarily about gay marriage; it’s mainly about silencing gay consciences.

Why is this state-sanctioned validation, empathy, acceptance, acknowledgment and approval so important to gay marriage campaigners? Why is it far more important than actually being allowed to marry? Continue reading “Gay Marriage – what is it all about?”

The cross and the world – what is the Gospel?

Author: Martin Holdt
This is the second part of the sermon, which is transcribed, delivered by Rev Martin Holdt, entitled, The cross and the world.

What is the gospel? It is what God has done in Christ. It is called by the apostle Paul “justification”. Just so that you can understand where we are at, because I don’t think that all of you have got this sorted out. Please allow me in as simple terms as possible to tell you.

Years ago I had a phone call from a lady I did not know. She said on the telephone: “Do you preach the doctrine of justification?” What a strange question, on the telephone, from a woman. So I said, just tell me why do you ask? She said: “Come and see me.” I did. Continue reading “The cross and the world – what is the Gospel?”

Die rol van die vrou in die huwelik

Skrywer: Nico van der Walt
Hier vervolg die preek rakende die rol van die vrou in die huwelik, getranskribeer, in die reeks, Die man en vrou in die huwelik.

“Mans en vrouens is verskillend in hul gedrag, hul gerigtheid, hul samestelling, hul vermoëns, hul prioriteite, hul temperamente en hulle anatomieë. Die vrou het ‘n ander plek in die span. Die man is as kaptein aangewys en die vrou ‘n uiters belangrike spanlid. ‘n Rugbyspan wat net ‘n kaptein het, is niks werd nie. Elkeen van ons is vir sy roeping toegerus. Dit is vanuit die skepping.

Die tweede motivering is vanuit die herskepping. Die apostel sê, “wees onderdanig, soos aan die Here,” dis die herskepping. Continue reading “Die rol van die vrou in die huwelik”

The cross and the world

Author: Dr Martin Holdt
This is the first part of a sermon transcribed, in the series, The Cross, by Dr Martin Holdt, entitled: The cross and the world.
Galatians 6: 1 – 8 “Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted. Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfil the law of Christ. If anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he deceives himself. Each one should test his own actions. Then he can take pride in himself, without comparing himself to somebody else, for each one should carry his own load. Anyone who receives instruction in the word must share all good things with his instructor. Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.”
If you hear me say things that I’ve said before, please forbear. I say them because it is important that they be said and don’t we all concur that if the truth is worth saying once it is worth saying a thousand times over, provided it comes to us with fear and conviction and we take it to heart and live it out for the glory of God. So, I am going to repeat a few things that you have heard me say before, I do it because it is a burden on my heart and I happen to have discovered what I am sure every minister of the gospel has discovered here. People forget so soon. Continue reading “The cross and the world”

Die vrou se verantwoordelikheid in die huwelik

Skrywer: Nico van der Walt
Hier vervolg transkripsies van die reeks gepreek deur Nico van der Walt, oor die huwelik. In hierdie artikel begin ons met die onderwerp: Die vrou se antwoordelikheid in die huwelik. Deel 1.
Skriflesing: Efesiërs 5v21-24 (Nuwe Vertaling) “Wees uit eerbied vir Christus aan mekaar onderdanig. Vrouens, wees aan julle mans onderdanig, net soos julle aan die Here onderdanig is. Die man is die hoof van die vrou, soos Christus die hoof van die kerk is. Christus is ook die Verlosser van die liggaam, Sy kerk. Soos die kerk aan Christus onderdanig is, moet die vrouens in alles aan hulle mans onderdanig wees.”
Kol 3v18 “Vrouens, wees aan julle mans onderdanig soos dit pas by mense wat in die Here glo.” Titus 2v4-5 “..sodat hulle die jonger vrouens kan leer om liefdevol teenoor hulle mans en kinders te wees, verstandig en kuis, goeie huisvrouens, onderdanig aan hulle mans. Dan sal die Woord van God nie in diskrediet kom nie.”
1 Pet 3v1-6 “Vrouens, julle moet aan julle mans onderdanig wees. As daar van julle is met mans wat nie die Woord van God glo nie, en die mans sien hoe godvresend julle is en hoe voorbeeldig julle julle gedra, sal hulle vir Christus gewen kan word deur die gedrag van hulle vrouens. Dit sal nie eens vir julle nodig wees om ‘n woord te sê nie. Julle skoonheid moet nie bestaan in uiterlike dinge soos haarkapsels, juwele en sierlike klere nie. Nee, julle skoonheid moet dié van die innerlike mens wees: blywende beskeidenheid en kalmte van gees. Dit het by God groot waarde. In die oud dae het die gelowige vrouens wat op God gehoop het, hulle ook so versier: hulle was aan hulle mans onderdanig. Sara, byvoorbeeld, was aan Abraham gehoorsaam en het met eerbied na hom verwys. As julle doen wat goed is en julle nie deur dreigemente laat afskrik nie, is julle haar dogters.”

Die vrou se verantwoordelikheid in die huwelik:
Julle sal onthou ons het tyd gewy in die vorige sessies aan die fundamentele beginsels van die huwelik en die verhouding tussen die man en vrou. Ons het gewerk veral vanuit Genesis 3 en ons het gekyk na die man se verantwoordelikheid in die huwelik. In die volgende sessie wil ek kyk na die vrou se verantwoordelikheid in die huwelik.
Eers wil ek net fundamentele waarhede in plek sit. Kom ek stel dit so, as ons God se ordes ken, tot daardie mate, ken ons God. Beter gestel, hoe meer ons God se ordes verstaan, hoe meer groei ons in ons Godskennis. Dit is ons heel hoogste roeping, om God te ken. Continue reading “Die vrou se verantwoordelikheid in die huwelik”

Glorying in the cross of Jesus Christ – Part 2

Author: Martin Holdt
This is a continuation of a series of sermons, transcribed, preached by Martin Holdt, “The Cross”. Read further, for part 2 of the message “Glorying in the cross of Jesus Christ”.

There is nowhere else where you will so see the love of God as in the cross. No wonder Paul finds glory in that. I want to drink deep of the fountain of God’s love. So I will make it a daily exercise to stop to pause and to think about that love. Incidently, please don’t think that you have got to get a necklace with a little superstitious cross or a bracelet. No. You ponder and you think about what happened there. God at work. His love and of course His mercy. Is there a God as forgiving as that? You know, it seems to me that this last generation of Christians has all but forgotten what forgiveness is all about. I am not talking about divine forgiveness, that too, yes, but interpersonal forgiveness. The way we harbour bitterness against fellow believers. Go back to God, go back to the cross. Look at the offences there, against the righteous, glorious God. What does the cross tell you? God is merciful, very merciful, o so merciful. Continue reading “Glorying in the cross of Jesus Christ – Part 2”

Die man se verantwoordelikheid in die huwelik – Deel 2

Skrywer: Nico van der Walt
Hier vervolg die transkripsie van die preek, gelewer deur Nico van der Walt, rakende “Die verantwoordelikheid van die man in die huwelik.” Deel 2.
Kom ons praat bietjie oor die dade:
Dit is interessant dat die apostel Paulus vir ons ‘n klompie riglyne gee as ons versigtig deur die teks lees. Kom ons praat eers oor die wat van die liefde. Kyk na Ef. 5. Julle sal sien waarmee ek nou gaan werk. Ek gaan die Ou Vertaling lees want dit is meer letterlik, vers 25 tot 27 “Manne, julle moet jul eie vroue liefhê, soos Christus ook die gemeente liefgehad en Homself daarvoor oorgegee het om dit te heilig, nadat Hy dit gereinig het met die waterbad deur die Woord, sodat Hy die gemeente voor Hom kon stel, verheerlik, sonder vlek of rimpel of iets dergeliks; maar dat dit heilig en sonder gebrek sou wees”. Hier is 5 werkwoorde wat baie belangrik is. Liefgehad, oorgegee, om te heilig, om te gereinig het en voor Hom te stel. Continue reading “Die man se verantwoordelikheid in die huwelik – Deel 2”

Glorying in the cross of Jesus Christ – Part 1

Author: Rev. Martin Holdt
These are transcriptions of sermons preached by Rev. Martin Holdt, a series on “The cross”. This is the Part 1 of the message, “Glorying in the cross of Jesus Christ.”
Scripture reading: Galatians 6: 1 – 18
Galatians 6 verse 14: Far be it from me, said the apostle Paul, to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ by which the world has been crucified to me and I to the world. I prefer the Authorised Version use of the word glory though both is acceptable : far be it for me to glory except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.

What is he saying? Let’s be clear about that before we get into the text. He is not saying that he glories in that wooden instrument on which our Lord Jesus was crucified. It doesn’t say that. Cicero once said that the worst form of execution ever invented by the human mind was crucifixion. It was terrible, it was painful and shameful and it was ghastly. Continue reading “Glorying in the cross of Jesus Christ – Part 1”

Die man se verantwoordelikheid in die huwelik – Deel 1

Die man en vrou in die huwelik-reeks Nr. 2.
Skrywer: Nico van der Walt
Die man se verantwoordelikheid in die huwelik Deel 1
(Hierdie is transkripsies van preke deur Nico van der Walt)
Teksverwysings: 1 Kor. 11: 3,7 (3)“Ek wil egter hê julle moet weet dat Christus die hoof is van elke man, en ‘n man die hoof van sy vrou, en God die hoof van Christus. (7) ‘n Man behoort nie iets op sy kop te sit nie. Hy is die beeld en heerlikheid van God, maar die vrou is die heerlikheid van die man”.

Ef. 5:25-33 “Mans, julle moet julle vrouens liefhê soos Christus die kerk liefgehad en sy lewe daarvoor afgelê het. Dit het Hy gedoen om die kerk aan God te wy, nadat Hy dit met die water en die Woord gereinig het, sodat Hy die kerk in volle heerlikheid by Hom kan neem, sonder vlek of rimpel of iets dergeliks, heilig en onberispelik. Die mans behoort hulle vrouens so lief te hê soos hulle eie liggame. Wie sy vrou liefhet, het homself lief, want niemand het nog ooit sy eie liggaam gehaat nie. Inteendeel, hy voed en versorg dit, soos Christus met Sy kerk doen omdat dit Sy liggaam is, waarvan ons lede is. Daar staan in die Skrif: “Daarom sal ‘n man sy vader en moeder verlaat en saam met sy vrou lewe, en hulle twee sal een wees. Hierin lê daar ‘n diep geheimenis opgesluit, en ek pas dit toe op Christus en die kerk. Maar dit is ook op julle van toepassing. Elkeen moet sy vrou so lief hê soos hy homself liefhet en ‘n vrou moet aan haar man eerbied betoon”.
Kol. 3:19 (OV) “Manne, julle moet jul vroue liefhê en nie teen hulle verbitter word nie”.
1 Pet. 3:7 (OV) “Net so moet julle, manne, verstandig met hulle saamlewe en aan die vroulike geslag, as die swakkere, eer bewys, omdat julle ook mede-erfgename van die genade van die lewe is – sodat julle gebede nie verhinder mag word nie”.
Ek is gevra om Bybelse lig op hierdie sentrale onderwerp te laat val, nl. die verantwoordelikheid van die man in die huwelik. Almal van julle is nie in ‘n huwelik nie. Moenie dink dat dit nie vir julle relevant is nie. Sommige van julle sal nog in die huwelik bevestig word. Sien agter hierdie lering die wondere en die wysheid van die ordes van God. Alhoewel die preek betrekking het op mans wat in die huwelik is, het dit sekerlik ook relevansie vir die vrouens.
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Die huwelik – die historiese Christelike geloofsiening

Hier volg die vervolg van die transkripsie van die preek van Nico van der Walt, oor die beeld van God in die verhouding tussen man en vrou in die huwelik.
Skrywer: Nico van der Walt
Wat ek hier voorhou is nie my eie teologiese wieletjie nie, dit is die historiese Christelike geloof wat deur van die grootste manne en vroue van God deur die eeue en die diepste denkers as sodanig verstaan is en ons loop dus in pas met die historiese Christelike geloof.
Kom ons kyk nou na God se beeld in ons geslagtelikheid. Ons weet almal baie goed dat die lewende God wat homself geopenbaar het in Christus en van wie ons in die Bybel lees, drie Persone is. Drie Persone wat een is en tog drie Persone. Die Goddelike Drie-eenheid bring tog ‘n besondere aspek van God se beeld en wese vir ons na vore. Ek kan nie dink dat ons ooit die beeld van God kan losmaak van die feit van Sy drie-enigheid nie. In Gen 1v26 vind ons die eerste sinspeling op die Drie-eenheid – “Kom Ons maak die mens as ons verteenwoordiger, ons beeld…” Kom ons maak die mens as ons teenwoordiger! Die mens as skepping van man en vrou kom tot uitdrukking op drie maniere. Dit kom tot uitdrukking in persoonlike verhoudings – veral die intimiteit tussen man en vrou in die huwelik. Tweedens sit dit in hulle gelykheid – persoonlik- en status gelykheid voor die Here. Derdens word dit gesien in die verskillende rolle wat hulle Skepper aan hulle toeken, wat God reg van die begin af aan hulle toeken. Continue reading “Die huwelik – die historiese Christelike geloofsiening”

Mr Eternity – “Mnr Ewigheid”

Hy het sy beperkte gawes voluit gebruik. Hy was getrou en volhardend daarin. Hy het die tyd uitgekoop. En hy het miljoene op sy manier ge-evangeliseer.

Dis ‘n koue aand in 1956 as die predikant van Burton Street Baptist Church in Sydney die skimagtige figuur van ‘n knielende man raaksien. Dié is besig om iets op die sypaadjie te skryf. “Is jý tog nie Mnr Ewigheid nie!”, roep die pastor uit. Die kerk se skoonmaker kom regop -‘n skraal en besondere kort figuurtjie – en antwoord met ‘n sagte stem: “Ja, ek is die skuldige, meneer!”

Na 26 jaar se gissings is die geheim van “Mr. Eternity” uiteindelik opgelos. Deur die dekades heen was die woord “Eternity” gereeld soggens orals op Sydney se sypaadjies geskryf – ‘n stuk of 500 000 keer in netjiese groot bordkrytletters.

Arthur Stace se verhaal is ‘n uitstaande getuienis oor God se genade vir ‘n sondaar en hoe Hy met die kromste stok die reguitste houe kan slaan. Continue reading “Mr Eternity – “Mnr Ewigheid””

Die beeld van God in die huwelik tussen man en vrou – Deel 1

Hier volg ‘n transkripsie van boodskappe van Nico van der Walt oor die huwelik en in hierdie artikel behandel hy inleidend die beeld van God in die man en vrou in die huwelik.
Gen 1v 26 en 27 – Toe het God gesê: “Kom Ons maak die mens as ons verteenwoordiger, Ons beeld, sodat hy kan heers oor die vis in die see, die voëls in die lug, die mak diere, die wilde diere en al die diere wat op die aarde kruip. God het die mens geskep as Sy verteenwoordiger, as beeld van God het Hy die mens geskep, man en vrou het Hy hulle geskep.”
Ek gaan by die diepste wortels en fondamente van die huwelik stilstaan. Dis baie belangrik dat ons die fundamentele beginsels van die huwelik reg het, anders word ons die prooi van die kragte van ons tyd. Die beginsels wat aangespreek gaan word is baie belangrik. Dit spreek dinge aan soos die vrou in die amp, homoseksualiteit en dan ook die huwelik. Genesis 1v26-27 is net 2 versies maar dis van die allergrootste belang! Die wortels, of fondamente, die beginsels van hierdie saak lê in die eerste 3 hoofstukke van Genesis. As Gen 1 tot 3 verwyder word uit die Bybel as deel van God se spreke dan raak die mens werklik vatbaar vir enige dwaling. Continue reading “Die beeld van God in die huwelik tussen man en vrou – Deel 1”

Makes you think: The effect of Television on homes

“The Stranger”
A few months before I was born, my dad met a stranger who was new to our small Tennessee town. From the beginning, Dad was fascinated with this enchanting newcomer, and soon invited him to live with our family. The stranger was quickly accepted and was around to welcome me into the world a few months later. Continue reading “Makes you think: The effect of Television on homes”

Karaktereienskappe van God

Die alwetendheid van God:
Daar word ‘n fabel vertel van 6 blinde mans van Indië wat na ‘n paleis genooi was vir ‘n toer daardeur. In die agterplaas het daar ‘n olifant gestaan waaraan hulle kon gaan raak en dan moes elkeen sy kommentaar lewer:
– Die eerste man raak aan die olifant se lyf en sê dat hy soos ‘n muur is.
– Die tweede raak aan sy slurp en sê dat ‘n olifant soos ‘n slang is.
– Die derde raak aan sy tande en sê dat die olifant soos ‘n spies is.
– Die vierde man raak aan sy been en sy kommentaar was dat die olifant soos ‘n boom is.
– Die vyfde raak aan sy oor en sê dat die olifant soos ‘n groot waaier is waarmee koel gewaai word.
– Die laaste man raak aan die olifant se stert en sê dat hy soos ‘n tou is.
Die probleem was dat elkeen die olifant net aan een enkele liggaamsdeel geraak en gevoel het en daarom kon hulle nie agterkom hoe ‘n olifant nou regtig lyk nie.
Trek ons daardie fabel deur na die geestelike lewe ontdek ons dat baie mense ‘n verkeerde idee omtrent God het juis omdat hulle Hom nie van alle kante SOOS IN DIE SKRIF OPENBAAR, kan of wil sien nie. Continue reading “Karaktereienskappe van God”

The call to the ministry – The ultimate test

By the late Rev. Martin Holdt

The ministry is beyond doubt the highest and holiest calling in the world. It is hard and exacting. It calls for great sacrifice and is demanding to the extreme. Many men are willing to accept the challenge of such a work, and many give up their well-earned security to undertake that challenge, but are they necessarily called?

Is a completed course of theological training a guarantee of ministerial success? Will it work if a man is found faithful in preparing sermons, in praying diligently and in visiting the flock? The answer to this question is simple: Only if the man is truly called of God. God’s servants are called men. The Scripture verifies this: “And how can they preach unless they are sent?” (Rom 10v15) Continue reading “The call to the ministry – The ultimate test”

Great Sermons of Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones

One of the most gifted preachers of our times was Dr martyn Lloyd Jones. The following links are to some of this great series. The recordings was done in the fifties and sixties so the quality is not always so good yet can be followed and in most cases are well restored.

Especially relevant is his series on Spiritual Depression

A collection of 24 sermons that Martyn Lloyd-Jones preached in 1954 on a subject that few other preachers cover. This extremely helpful collection includes 10 sermons that are not in the book of the same title, which has become a Christian classic.

Preaching and Preachers

recordings of the 16 lectures that Martyn Lloyd-Jones gave to students at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, in 1969. There are also 2 question and answer sessions that were held after the 16 lectures.


The famous series of Friday night lectures on the Letter to the Romans, split into 14 volumes to parallel the books, plus a small collection of 13 individual sermons preached at Westminster Chapel.


MLJ’s major series of 232 sermons covering all 6 chapters of Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians, plus a small collection of 5 other sermons preached at Westminster Chapel. The major series is a systematic exposition of the epistle that was preached on Sunday mornings between 1954 and 1962.


Good teaching on a Call to the Ministry

If you are in Ministry of the Word of God or aspire to be, and want to be really blessed and helped by excellent teaching please follow the links below to a series by pastor Albert N Martin

You will not regret it!

A Call to the ministry

1 of 5 Six Wrong Reasons to Enter the Gospel Ministry
2 of 5 Four Essential Elements of the Call to the Ministry
3 of 5 Necessary Spiritual Gifts Required for Pastoral Office
4 of 5 Necessary Mechanical Gifts Required for the Office
5 of 5 Necessary Mental Gifts Required for the Pastoral Office

Parting Sermons of Dr Albert N Martin

For over forty years, Pastor Albert N. Martin faithfully served the Lord and His people as an elder of Trinity Baptist Church of Montville, New Jersey. Due to increasing and persistent health problems, he stepped down as one of their pastors, and in June, 2008, Pastor Martin and his wife, Dorothy, relocated to Michigan, where they are continuing their ministry through writing and recording.

In preparation for his transition out of his New Jersey pulpit, Pastor Martin preached a series of nine sermons to his congregation, Parting Words of Counsel to the Members and Friends of Trinity Baptist Church. In them, Martin admonishes his congregation to hold fast to several particular doctrines or practices that have been important to Martin over the last several decades.

This series is excellent council to any christian or pastor and I assure you you will be blessed by listening to it.

Here is the links to these sermons:

Parting Words of Counsel Part 1

Parting Words of Counsel Part 2

Parting Words of Counsel Part 3

Parting Words of Counsel Part 4

Parting Words of Counsel Part 5

Parting Words of Counsel Part 6

Parting Words of Counsel Part 7

Parting Words of Counsel Part 8

Parting Words of Counsel Part 9 – A Farewell Sermon